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Madala 16 apartments near Stroomi beach with panoramic views of the sea and the Old Town have a B-energy efficiency class label.


It is a big dream for many people to have a home in such perfect location as Stroomi area, which is close to the city centre, near the sea and surrounded by beautiful parks. Madala 16 apartment building has it all!

Most of the apartments above the sixth floor and higher have a panoramic view of the Old Town or sea. All apartments have balconies (one-room apartments have a French balcony).

There are shops, schools, kindergartens, parks and everything you might need for a comfortable life located within just a walking distance! There is no need to worry about the developer getting the promised connections finished, or a shop being too far away or that there is no greenery or parks around.

Two-storey car park!

This building has a large 2-storey car park. Therefore, you can get your own private parking place reserved for you only.

A well-planned layout

Every apartment has a well thought-through layout to ensure the best comfort. Even small apartments look spacious and feel cosy.

All apartment are full of daylight due to multiple windows and glass doors. All of the windows can be opened. Most living rooms have corner windows. In some apartments, there are bathrooms with windows and beautiful outdoor flower boxes.

The building has a private playground for children, which is closed from public and located away from cars and roads. The territory around the building is surrounded by fence with a barrier that can be opened via mobile. There are flowerbeds with plants decorating the car park.

The video intercom lets you see the faces of your visitors and avoid unwelcomed guests. The entire territory including the car park and storage rooms has video surveillance cameras. There are no stairs from the street to the lift, which allows an incredibly easy access for people with prams, wheeled suitcases, bicycles or wheelchairs. Comparing to most buildings of the similar size, here you have two lifts instead of one, which lets you get to your floor faster.

The new building always has more advantages!

Since the building is brand new and all high quality construction materials are long lasting, you may forget about renovation and repair works, such as replacement of pipes or heat insulation for the facade. The building has a B-energy efficiency class label. All apartments have forced ventilation, which can be set in each apartment separately.

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