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Construction information

The apartment building on Madala 16 is a 14-storey building with a flat roof. The car park, storage and utility rooms are on the basement and ground floors. Apartments are on the floors 2-14.

Apartments will be ready by July 2018.

The building foundation

The building foundation is made of cast reinforced concrete.

Bearing walls and exterior walls

Bearing and exterior walls are assembled of 1- and 3-layer reinforced concrete panels.

Intermediate floors

Intermediate insulated floors are made of assembled reinforced concrete.

Exterior finish

Exterior walls – painted concrete surface, exterior doors – metal-glass doors, windows – PVC windows, roof covering – insulation + SBS.

Basement walls

Basement walls are made of cast reinforced concrete.


Walls between apartments, walls in the hallway and utility rooms are made of reinforced concrete.


Staircases and landings are made of assembled reinforced concrete elements.


The roof of the building is made of reinforced concrete boards, insulation and woollen boards. The car park is covered by brushed concrete.

Other systems


The building ventilation system is designed to ensure the comfort for every apartment. Therefore all apartments have forced ventilation, which can be set in each apartment separately, air extraction in the kitchen, the WC and the bathroom. The ventilation system in storage and utility rooms is based on the mechanical extraction principle. Extraction pipes of the ventilation in the kitchen are built as a separate piping system to which the owner can have a kitchen hood operated by an electric motor attached.

Water supply

Hot water comes from the boiler room equipped with heat exchangers via the local heat network. The main water meter is located in the heating unit and the water is supplied by the local water company.

Water inlet pipes and valves and water pipes inside the apartment are equipped with ball valves.

Every apartment has a water meter hidden above the bathroom ceiling with service hatches for easy access.


Ventilation standpipes for faeces sewerage are directed to the roof. No traps are planned in apartments. The piping is made of PVC pipes. The piping is isolated in conformity with standards.

Heating system

The heating unit in the building supplies hot water for the entire building including the heating system. Every apartment has white steel-plate radiators. The heating system ensures that the indoor temperature stays at least 20°C, when the outdoor temperature drops to -22°C. The main pipeline and main rising mains are made of steel pipes. The steel pipes are primed.

Electricity cabinets of apartments and the supply circuit

A wall-mounted plastic covered electricity box with automated circuit breakers is installed in every apartment hall and located in the niche of the wardrobe. There are also light switches, bathroom floor heating regulators, sockets for washing machine, fridge, dishwasher and kitchen hood and additional 4 sockets for kitchen appliances and on request – the sauna heater switch. The apartment electricity meters are in the electricity box on every floor of the building.

Group electrical lines and sockets

Electrical wiring is mounted above the ceilings and inside the walls. Switches and sockets are white from the Berker S1 product range..


The lighting of the rooms is designed in conformity with effective standards. There are build-in ceiling lights in the bathroom, WC and hall in every apartment. For other types of lightings, there are places for installation on the ceiling of every room. Also, the building has an emergency lighting system, which is designed to work from batteries in case of power cuts. The emergency lights are in all common areas of the building.

Electrical floor heating

Electrical floor heating is installed in all bathrooms.

Low-voltage current

Low-voltage current cables are available for cable TV, connection and computer network and security systems. The low-voltage active devices are not included in the price (central devices, sensors, RAC lockers, etc.). Every room has sockets for a TV and a computer connection.

The building has no antennas on the roof. All needed cables are available for different cable TV providers.

A fire alarm unit is connected to a central fire alarm system installed in the building. Every apartment has one smoke detector, which is connected to the central system.

The main entrance door has a video intercom system, which can be opened from every apartment.

The entry to the building territory has a barrier, which can be opened via mobile.

The entire territory including the car park, storage rooms and an entry hall, has video surveillance cameras.

Photos of apartments and of the neighbourhood area