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Interior finish

Only high quality finish and construction materials were used for Madala 16 building. All details and elements of the interior design are well thought trough for the best comfort and appearance.


The colors of ceramic tiles and parquet vary depending on the apartment according to the options below. For more information regarding the interior of the specific apartment, please contact our consultant.

Bathroom & WC


Bathroom lighting: Onok lighting /185; 1x50w/ip44 build-in ceiling lights/led ᴓ50mm. White aluminium case /80x80mm.

Washbasin: washbasin Vitra S20. In the bathroom 55x44cm. In the WC 45x35.5cm.

WC toilet: Vitra Zentrum. Set with a soft-close toilet seat.

Bathtub: Vitra Optima 160. Set with front and side panels.

WC washbasin faucet with a WC shower: Grohe Eurosmart size S, chrome.

Bathroom washbasin faucet: Grohe Eurosmart, chrome.

Shower/bathtub faucet: Grohe Grohterm 800 faucet. Grohe Tempesta riser rail. Shower head supplied with a thermostat in the set + holder with a riser rail.

Shower screen wall: Andres Klaas Optiwhite 8mm clear glass 2400x800mm. On the outside the screen is with satin design (matt), tempered and polished edges.

Screen wall details: Sapa profiles (or similar) u-shaped floor, wall and ceiling fittings, full-length anode aluminium edges.

Sauna interior finish: Heat-treated aspen, fitted vertically.

Sauna door: A clear glass sauna door with a wooden handle.

Bathroom/WC wall tiles choice

Love Marble (www.lovetiles.com). Horizontally installed wall tiles 35x70cm. NB! In the 3 or 4-rooms apartment, only one wall behind the washbasin in the WC has tiles and other walls are painted.

Option 1
Marble White SHINE

Option 2
Marble Cream SHINE

Option 3
Marble Beige SHINE

Option 4
Marble Tortora SHINE

Bathroom/WC/hall floor tiles choice

Love Marble (www.lovetiles.com). Tiles size 60x60cm

Option 1
Marble White POLISHED

Option 2
Marble Cream POLISHED

Option 3
Marble Beige POLISHED

Option 4
Marble Tortora POLISHED

Shower place floor tiles choice

Hisbalit Stone series. 4x4cm mosaic. Non-slip tiles.

Option 1
Shade 568

Option 2
Shade 567

Option 3
Shade 572

Option 4
Shade 563

Interior design


Interior doors: Haapsalu door factory Förby 2PH/DIS. Inner door with a large wooden frame. Door frame and floor wooden slats are identical in profiles. Door frames and doors are white.

Inner doors handles: Abloy Inoxi 3-19SS, satin chrome.

Room switches and sockets: Berker S1 series. Shiny white frame.

Apartment entrance hall lighting: Onok Lightning Vulcano 2.1. built-in ceiling lights LED ᴓ50mm. White aluminium case/DIA=110mm

Apartment entrance doors: wooden fire doors, oak veneer

Parquet selection

Three lane oak parquet with click connection and matt-lacquered. Floor slats and parquet match in colour.

Option 1
White toned oak matt-lacquered

Option 2
Toned oak matt-lacquered

Option 3
Blackish-brownish toned oak matt-lacquered

Room walls colour

Room walls colour is semi-mat warm white interior paint – Tikkurila tunneta colour card code F485

Common rooms

Hallways and corridors walls colour

SWall colour – g484/Tikkurila tunneta semi-mat warm crème interior paint

Corridors tiles

Ragno Concept tiles 60x60cm. Non-slip R10

Corridors lighting

Intra Lightning /narro flat DPR built-in ceiling luminor lights /LED/IP44 240x240mm