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Home by the sea

There is nothing more romantic than an evening walk by the sea, watching a sunset and listening to the sounds of waves and beach birds. Just a couple of minutes away from your home there is a long beach promenade, which goes all the way from Stroomi area to Rocca al Mare. It’s a perfect route for nice long walks along the sea before bedtime. The Stroomi beach nearby allows you to make the most out of Estonian summer days and get the best suntan fast. The large clean beach area has patrolling lifeguards and all necessary facilities for safe swimming and surfing. There is also a Pikakari beach within a 10 minutes drive with a beautiful panoramic view of the Old Town, where you can watch large ships sailing by.

Everything is nearby

The Stroomi Centre with Maxima XX supermarket is just across the road, which makes your shopping routine quick and easy. There are SmartPOST´s parcel terminal, carwash, flower shop, chemist shop, dry cleaner, pet shop, cafe, take-away restaurants and many other convenient facilities in the Stroomi Centre. Other large supermarkets such as Selver and Rimi are also just about 600 meters away.


Many schools in this area provide excellent facilities for your children’s development and learning. Your child will not need to spend a lot of time in public transport to get to school every day, since most schools are located within a walking distance from home.

Playgrounds and kindergartens

Stay-at-home parents will appreciate the modern playgrounds near the building, designed to keep children entertained and busy for hours, which makes it possible to enjoy a nice conversation with other parents and neighbours, while children are playing. There is a great choice of kindergartens and day nurseries in the area. Nearby located Stroomi Beach Park playgrounds have ice-cream kiosks, cycling and rollerblading roads and rental mini-cars for kids, who like to drive. Other local recreation facilities include football field, basketball court, beach volleyball net, outdoor gym, where kids can spend their free time outdoors.

Active and healthy lifestyle

Many people cannot find time, required facilities or money for sport and exercises. The newest Sõle Sports Centre is an excellent place for all kinds of sports. The centre has a swimming pool, a basketball court, fencing and fight clubs, a gym and other sport facilities. Also, there is a football field with artificial grass, which can be used throughout the year. Other nearby sport centres include Kristiine MyFitness and Baltijaama MyFitness. Located nearby Stroomi Beach Park offers many outdoor facilities for recreation and sports activities including many well-lit health tracks for power-walking, jogging, rollerblading and cycling, fields and courts for sports games, outdoor gym and surf club, which all can be used at any time and free of charge. At the end of the beach, there is a great place for dogs, where they can run, play and swim in the sea. The sea has a large shallow area along the entire shore, which suits perfectly for parents with small children and elderly people, who can chill in the water safely on a hot day.

The city life advantages

Russian during the festival Golden Mask at Vaba Lava (Free Stage) are available within just a 5 minutes drive from your home. Many restaurants and cafes in the area provide a great choice of places, where you can spend quality time with friends or family in a cosy atmosphere and to enjoy meals and experience different cuisines including French, Asian, Latin-American, Indian, Estonian or Russian. Most of the popular restaurants in Tallinn are located in this area.

The car is not a necessity if you live in this area

The bus stop is right next to the building. The public transport in Tallinn is free and reliable, thus highly popular among locals and foreigners residing here. The public transport has own priority lines on the most of the busiest city centre roads, therefore it is less affected by traffic jams and you can get to your destination faster. The public transport is also safe for school children, which means they can get to their hobby or training places fast and easily without parents being their drivers. This gives you more time for your work or rest.