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Sales arrangements

The apartment building is located at Madala 16 in Põhja-Tallinn District of Tallinn. The building has 88 apartments, 88 storage rooms and 94 parking places. An apartment ownership is formed as the result of the purchase of the apartment.

Sales process

  • For booking an apartment, please notify the real estate consultant. A buyer shall sign a reservation contract with a real estate company and pay a deposit of 2000 EUR. The reservation contract is valid for one month.
  • NWhile the apartment is being built, a notary confirmed binding contract under the Law of Obligations shall be signed between a buyer and a developer and the 10-15% of the apartment price shall be paid. The deposit amount of 2000 EUR is included in these 10-15%.
  • When the apartment is ready, a notary confirmed sales contract shall be signed between a buyer and a developer, the outstanding amount of the apartment price shall be paid in full and the apartment ownership rights are transferred to the buyer.

The developer obligations include:

  • The fully completed construction and finish works of the building and its territory in accordance with the project;
  • The ready apartment in accordance with the project and the agreed design package;
  • Ready for use storage rooms in accordance with the project;
  • Ready car park in accordance with the project;
  • Ready connections to the infrastructure systems (water, electricity, sewerage, heating);

The developer obligations do not include:

  • Notary and state fees in relation to the sales contract, notary fees in relation to possible bank loans arrangements are all shall be paid by the buyer;
  • The expenses related to the project changes additionally requested by the buyer outside the standard package offer, such as project management, contracting and materials fees;
  • Service provider’s fees for data communication, cable TV, phone communications and home surveillance.

Photos of apartments and neighbourhood area

Sergei Zahharov

Real estate consultant
Phone: +372 5683 3391
E-mail: sergei.zahharov@uusmaa.ee
Web: www.uusmaa.ee/sergei-zahharov
Address: Merivälja tee 1

Pille Tali

Real estate consultant
Phone: +372 5904 5023
E-mail: pille.tali@uusmaa.ee
Web: www.uusmaa.ee/pille-tali
Address: Merivälja tee 1

Maksim Morgunov

Real estate consultant
Phone: +372 5809 3618
E-mail: maksim@uusmaa.ee
Web: www.uusmaa.ee/maksim-morgunov
Address: Merivälja tee 1

Your loan administrator in LHV

Katrin Elias

LHV bank
Phone: +372 680 2652
e-mail: katrin.elias@lhv.ee

Swedbank helps you buy a home
Phone: +372 613 1324

The home loan is offered by Swedbank AS. Read the conditions and contact a bank employee. The initial annual percentage rate is 2,331 %: credit amount of € 68,000; interest rate of 6-month Euribor + 2,20% per annum; contract fee of € 680; the repayment term is 30 years with 360 repayments totalling 93 320,83 €. The total cost of credit is 26 000,83 € and total cost of credit payable is 94,000.83. The loan agreement is secured with a mortgage and home insurance must be entered into when taking out the loan.

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